Accountants for the Film, Media & Broadcast Industries

Accounting services for creative professionals, agencies, studios and production companies, as well as individual creative freelancers and contractors.

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We specialise in providing tailored accounting and tax solutions for the film, media, and broadcast industries.

With a deep-rooted understanding of your needs, our experienced team of accountants offers proactive and efficient support for production companies, creative agencies and more. We are dedicated to streamlining your financial operations, ensuring compliance, and maximising profitability.

Let Cosmic Accounting handle the numbers while you continue focusing on your creative endeavours, and together we’ll unlock new levels of success.

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We’re Cosmic Accounting

We specialise in working in Media, Film & Creative Industries.

We understand that you want an accountant who can explain your numbers, keep you on track and minimise the hassle so that you can get on with what you do best, running your business!

We want to help you create a business that gives you the life that you want whether it is free time, financial abundance or peace of mind or all of these!

Let us  put a plan together to show you how we can help you by booking in for your free initial meeting. We can then show you options to suit your budget and your individual needs.

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Cosmic Packages

We hate ‘time-based’ traditional accounting pricing just as much as you, so we offer you a range of fixed price solutions so you can budget and plan; you choose the option and build your own package to best suit your needs.

  • Advanced

    This is the best option for ambitious business owners who want comprehensive support and advice to help them build a truly successful business, maximise their income and wealth, and minimise their tax bills.


  • Full

    Our most popular option is for those who don’t want comprehensive support and help, but do nevertheless want more than just accounts. It includes business and tax planning advice.


  • Essentials

    This option is for those who are happy to miss out on some of the more valuable input from us, and instead only receive the essential elements, because they are on a tight budget.


How it works

Designed with your creative needs at heart

Get in touch

Firstly once you get in touch we will have an initial call to find out some key information about your business as well as understand your current challenges and any plans for future growth.

Get a plan

Then we will have a meeting (online or in person) and give you options around the services that we can provide to you so that you can choose exactly what is right for you, your business and your finances.

Growth management

For those business owners who are serious about growing their business we can work with them at a strategic level. We offer business planning sessions as well as business coaching and development.

Do you find that…

  • Your accountant isn’t proactive?
  • Your accountant confuses you?
  • You keep losing your receipts?
  • Doing your bookkeeping is eating into your creative time?
  • You feel like you’re paying too much tax?
  • You worry about your upcoming tax and VAT bills?
  • The risk of an HMRC investigation keeps you awake at night?
  • You’re frustrated because you don’t know how much profit you’re making?

Let us help regain your creative freedom!

  • Dedicated personal Accountant
  • Fixed pricing for your accounts
  • Fully Accredited and Qualified
  • Bespoke package just for you
  • Reach your personal goals by getting your business on track
  • Trusted by Media, Film & Creative Industries

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